Roads were closed after Death Valley was drenched by more storms

Rainy weather has once again led to road closures in Death Valley National Park.

Remnants from Tropical Storm Kay caused localized damage Saturday afternoon.

California Route 190 is closed from the Route 136 junction to Stove Pipe Wells Village.

According to a statement, Badwater Road is completely closed as well as several other park roads due to flooding that occurred five weeks ago.

Fortunately for people living in the park, the National Weather Service issued an advisory to National Park Service rangers about an hour before the storm hit.

"Rangers have warned the public to leave the area," park spokeswoman Abby Wines wrote in a statement Sunday.

An RV was unable to leave until Sunday morning when National Park Service road crews cleared a single administrative lane."

Saturday afternoon, active flooding along Route 190 west of Town Pass closed more than 40 vehicles.

Then the tour bus gets its tires stuck in the sand as it tries to change directions.

The bus was stopped in all 90 lanes eastbound towards Stovepipe Wells for about an hour.

Most vehicles can pass through the bus on the shoulder, but semi-trucks and RVs will have to wait.

Route 190 has at least one inch of unpaved pavement,

It spans every lane on the west side of the town pass. Caltrans has not yet estimated when the road section will reopen.

At least three major storms since early August have caused widespread destruction to trails and roads in the park.